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At Online hair school we know what its like wanting to be the best hair stylist you could possibly be!So were going to guide you down the best road we can to get you to be the hairstylist you inspire to be!

What Online Hair School can teach you?

Through online Hair School we can teach you how to learn to use your hands and develop your hand coordination. We can teach you sectioning layer’s and graduation, basic and advanced cutting techniques. Tinting, Hilite’s. Basic and advanced Barbering.

  • Jack of all master of none!
  • Take things slow!
  • Learn one skill at a time.
  • Practice your new skill until hand coordination becomes natural to you!

Be professional

Its important when your in the salon to look the part when greeting the clients.Always be well groomed with a smile on your face, treat the clients how you’d like to be treated.Offer to take their coat, offer tea/coffee and bring them magazines.Make their time comfortable in the salon!

Practice hand coordination

Get your dolls head, practice taking clean sections over and over until it becomes natural!Once this becomes easy everything else will flow.

Watching other stylists

This helps to pick up different techniques and could make things easier for you to do as they have different experiences!

Get your dolls head and copy as they do their clients! Or if theirs not enough time memorise.Ask stylists questions afterwards as most stylist will be happy to help!

Spend time practicing.

Practice your skills everyday.

Practice makes perfect just because you do it once doesn't mean your a master at the skill you have just learned. It takes time to build up hand speed and coordination

Keep Learning

The Hairdressing industry is an ever-evolving one!So always keep your mind open to learning the new tricks of the trade.YouTube how to do things your not sure about. Sure thing YouTube tutorials will help you pick up new tricks!Confidence is KEY.

We understand the nerves that come with working in the hairdressing industry.But confidence is so important in this trade.Most of your confidence in this trade comes from excellent training!The client can tell if your not confident by your touch. That is why your hand coordination and practice is so important

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