Contemporary Hair Cut No2
Great explanation about leaving corners and how they affect the haircut and head shape.
Contemporary Hair Cut No1
Excellence haircut
Big Band Haircut
what a result!! That technique is so easy to follow and less time consuming.
Strip Out Colour Go From Dark Brown To Blonde In 1 Go
Hair looked in really good condition just like to no what color was used for the hilites
Reverse Graduation
Awesome. I am learning lots from these video's. Sorry I haven't discovered this earlier.
Reverse Graduation No2
Thank you. Excellence techniques.
How To Cut Fine Hair Using Reverse Graduation Hair Cutting Techn
Nice haircut the way you cut it. nice and easy Technic. thanks a lot
Long Layered Hair Cut Using Sections & Layers Trade Secrets
I adore this technique
The Perfect Hi Lite
all I can say is fantastic!
Midlength Layered Cut
This has a fantastic explanation of how to cut a fringe with an uneven hairline. Fran is very good at helping you to understand things you may have been told before but didn't fully understand; he seems to fill in the missing pieces!
1st Lesson Hand Coordination
Brilliant video. It's far too easy to want to rush in. This advice is fantastic for beginners and something I have not seen on other websites. Very straight forward information and encouragement to practice.